Not My Empire is a blog for anybody who wants to understand the need for revolutionary change to the structures of capitalism and imperialism that are destroying the world.

I am an 20 year old white male with an upper middle class background and should be taken as such.

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One thought on “About

  1. I believe free trade is the default exchange of goods that is programmed into humanity, take away a overbearing government structure and people will automatically barter… this typically comes with the added value of sharing when one’s own needs are met. That being said, I found your article one of the most honest pieces of writing about the whole Aleppo situation. It’s a kick in the sack to see that people trip over themselves to say arm everyone over there to the teeth and then say what a shame when they see the little boy in the back of an ambulance after everyone he knows has been killed by said arming of everyone. I’m going to share this to twitter I wish I had found it earlier, but either way hope that this election cycle frees people’s minds to think outside the 2-party system, and speak/write with more honesty. Thanks.


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